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Welcome to Spirit Academy,
the most important italian eCommerce exclusively about spirits.

Spirit Academy

Spirit Academy was born with the idea of ​​creating the best online catalog dedicated to the excellence of the world of spirits.
We have thus started a journey based on the constant research for the most authentic products out from the industrial processes of production.

Our passion for spirits is the engine that drives us, the lack of online presence of a real guide that can help consumers to orient theirself among the thousands of products available has convinced us to fix the goal of offering the best products on the market at a fair price as well as sharing culture and insights about distillates.

We have an eye for the world of mixed drinking, the best recipes are based on the best products we have selected: you will find the advice of our experts on how to create a perfect cocktails at home.

Our attention about exclusive releases has convinced us to create a dedicated section, which over time has become a real reference point in this sector.

We are a small but dynamic company in Genoa, we guarantee easy return in case of problems, continuous assistance and free shipping throughout Italy.

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