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A selection of Pure Single Malts and some excellent Blends created by the best independent bottlers of Scotland.

The Scotch Whisky Regulations, also known as the Scotch Whisky Act (SWA) of 2009, defines that for Scotch Whisky is meant that which is produced entirely in Scotland, where the complete ripening of the wheat must also take place and where the necessary raw materials are taken, including water, peat and barley. Furthermore, it clearly establishes the necessary indications to ensure that the Scot-tish Whisky is clearly identifiable and that it presents all the useful information also from the distilleries, whose methods and traditions must be defended.

The technical specifications of each single type are also given, so as to avoid misinformation in this regard:

- Single Malt: means a Scotch Whiskey produced only from water and barley malt from a single distillery and from a discontinuous distillation in alembic;
- Single Grain: Scotch Whiskey distilled in a single distillery but which, in addition to water and malted barley, can also be produced from whole grains of other malted or non-malted cereals;
- Blended: it is defined by the SWR as a combination of one or more Scottish Single Malts with one or more Single Grains, according to traditional mixing practices;
- Blended Malt / Blended Grain: they are two different combinations of barley or wheat-only malt taken from different distilleries to mix them together.

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